Fluffy Friday: Back at it in a BIG way.

I’m stubborn. I know that. I have been my whole life. I always feel that my way is best way for me to do things. For some reason my brain just has the hardest time accepting the fact that “someone” else really knows how to do things and that I just need to TRUST the process. I find myself fighting things a lot when I’m doing my digital scrapbooking classes, and thinking “but I think it should be done this way!” So I’ll do it they way that makes sense to me and then guess what… I have to go back and do it the way that I was told, and it works. It works every time. I then end up frustrated at myself because I wasted all this time trying to do it my way instead of just listening. ::sigh::

How does this apply to Fluffy Friday’s? Well things have changed quite a bit in our house over the past week(ish). Now that I’m weaning from the pump, I decided it was time to really step up my weight loss efforts as I don’t have to worry about maintaining my milk supply. (I’m still fighting the guilt of this, btw) Now I have “tried” food journaling in the past and found that I became too obsessive with it and would get frustrated and quit after 3 days, saying it was too hard and I couldn’t live like that. But here is the thing, I can’t NOT live like that. I NEED to keep track of everything. I’ve tried and tried doing things my way and it never really works. At least not in the long-term, and results are very slow, because even tho I make good choices, I was eating WAY TOO MUCH. No wonder I couldn’t lose weight by just eating healthy and randomly working out. I was eating enough for 3 people!

There is another BIG change this time with “starting again”. I finally got my husband Matt to join me!!! He used to be what I call an extreme athlete. Working out 3+ hours a day training in jujitsu, MMA, sayoc Kali, and teaching woman’s kickboxing. Since fitness was such a big part of his life I just assumed (ya, I know what they say) that he knew, at least the basics, of nutrition. But no. He really knew very little and it was just the fact that he was burning hella amounts of calories that he was able to stay fit. He had to walk away from that a few years ago due to bad arthritis, and what happens when you stop working out and keep eating the same? Yep, we gained together.

I finally got him on board (he is just as stubborn as me, so I totally get the reluctance) and it has made all the difference. To be able to go through this with him is just… awesome. I don’t have a better word. Lol. It really does make it seem easier when we are doing it together. I don’t feel dumb weighing and measuring my food because he is right there doing it with me. We get to compare notes from the day. Share food ideas. Encourage each other. Keep each other on track and excited about our progress, all of which motivates us. I’m going to say it again. It has made all the difference to have my man doing this with me.

I’m not going to lie. This past week has been hell on us because of the changes. Exhaustion was just crazy. It was like being pregnant again. (I’M NOT PREGNANT!) It was a huge change for us to be taking in so few calories (compared to what we were) and our bodies needed time to adjust. Having Matt going through it with me is probably the only reason I stuck it out.

So how did we do this week???

I dropped 5.2lbs

Matt dropped 8.2lbs!!!! (WAY TO GO BABE!!)

I’d say that we are headed in the right direction. 🙂


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