Excuse: I’m not meant to lose weight

Excuse: I’m not meant to lose weight.

Matthew and I are all about having information. We Google almost everything. If we have a question my first response is always, “I don’t know… Google it.” In the world we live in now there is no excuse to ever not have the information you want or need. As we are almost 2 weeks into our total life change and the scale hasn’t really budged in almost a week despite (me) working out all but one day and staying under my allowed calories… I have to think that I’m not doing something correctly. In the past this is where I would give up, say “I’m doing everything I should be and it’s not working! I’m not meant to lose weight!” and go make cupcakes. Total BULL SHIT. AND NOT THIS TIME! Instead, I ask why? what? how? am I? should I??? and after doing some research, my thoughts were (I believe) confirmed.

I’m not eating enough.

Going from WAY over eating, to eating 1400 calories (or less) and working out for an hour on the elliptical gave my body the initial 5lb drop but then as my body adjusted (I believe) I’ve slowed my metabolism way down because there were a few days where I wasn’t even netting 1000 calories(calories you eat – calories you burn=net calories). Last week, I was almost 1300 calories under budget for the week and when I’m only “allowed 1400” for the day it’s like not eating for a whole day! Not smart on my part.

So in my Google adventure, I found a great article with a ton of information and great explanations. (Read the article first!) The writer then has you go to a site to actually figure out your Body Fat Percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) so you’re able to compute the actual amount of calories you should net for the day, rather than using just a general height/weight/I want to lose Xlbs general calculation that is unfortunately not accurate for everyone.

I then used the Goal Body Weight  tool to accurately determine what my HEALTHY goal weight should be, instead of just picking a number that I think would be nice to see on the scale. Because healthy is what is the most important thing here.  Side note: Can I say that there really is nothing more embarrassing for me than measuring my fat. Even when it’s just me locked in the bathroom… Ugh! That just so happens to be the main reason I haven’t done it in many years. So even as embarrassing as it might be, the measurements are so necessary for accurate information. And information is the key in all of this.

Now that I’m armed with some new information and a new plan, I’m going to try this for the next couple of weeks. If the scale still isn’t moving, or (cringe) going up, I’ll re-evaluate things again. Do some more research. And try something else! Weight loss takes patience and what works for some might not work for me, but as long as I’m still working at it, I’m heading in the right direction!


3 thoughts on “Excuse: I’m not meant to lose weight

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  2. I love this post. I had this very same excuse, too. Weight loss is hard shit. It should be so easy as calories in/calories out, but there’s a lot of emotional stuff to work through.

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