Fluffy Friday

Not going to lie. I’ve been a little nervous about today’s weigh-in because of the changes we made earlier this week. Despite my reservations, I stuck with it, though it still feels like I’m eating way too much and that I couldn’t possible be losing weight doing this. But, it has been drilled into my head all my life that DIET = HUNGRY & LOW CALORIES. So I guess it is understandable that it feels like I’m going against the grain with eating more.

I just keep telling myself that I’ve done it the other way before, and it doesn’t work. At least not in the long run, and Matt and I are focused on making these changes for life. I am still struggling to meet my calorie intake because I’m working out (almost) everyday, and continuing to make good choices, but I’m still figuring out the balance that my body needs to shed the pounds.

I have never maintained a food journal for this length of time. In fact, I had never made it past day 3 before now. So that in itself is a huge success for me! And guess what? It’s becoming second nature. I don’t have to remind myself every. single. time. It is becoming habit. :: FIST-PUMP:: As far as working out goes, I FINALLY feel as though I have gotten a rhythm/routine down when it comes to making time and completing my workouts. I’m going longer, and harder than I ever have in the past and I’m feeling amazing.

To me, these are a couple of MAJOR successes. Getting these two vital healthy lifestyle habits to become actual HABITS is so huge in my mind, that if the scale had sucked this week… yes, I would have used some creative curse words but I wouldn’t have thrown in the towel.

The last Fluffy Friday post before I stopped giving a f*** started concentrating on maintaining my milk supply I weighed in at 207. I ended up gaining 7 lbs over those 6 months ::bangs head:: and as I’ve been approaching that 207 mark again it was like “COME ON! JUST GET BELOW THAT DAMN NUMBER!!!” What? You don’t yell at your scale too? Okay then… moving on. Anyway, getting below that number has been a big deal for me because I haven’t been there since before I got pregnant with Charlotte. And she is turning 1 (!) next month.

It has been a week of successes for me even when I wasn’t very confident that it would be.

I lost 3.8 this week for a total of 9 lbs in two weeks!! Yay me!

Matt is back at a loss of 8.2 after some gaining/maintaining and some calorie adjustments.

So as a couple we have lost 17.2 lbs in two weeks. GO US!


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