Fluffy Friday: Quitting is not an option

Quitting is not an option.

We have been food journaling for 23 days (22 for Matthew). I’m not just saying that “quitting is not an option” because I’m looking for motivation and wanting to quit. Quitting isn’t even a consideration for us. We don’t even want to quit. We didn’t have a fantastic week in the weight loss department and would probably be voted off the Biggest Loser, but we have no desire to give up. The scale did a lot of going up and then going down for reasons unknown too me. I’m suspecting that the “crap” I ate on Easter kinda made my body freak out and do who knows what so that will go in the “lesson learned” category for me.

Even though our weight loss kinda sucked this week, there are some awesome things we have noticed.

  • We both feel so much better than we ever have before.
  • We are both seeing changes in our body and how our clothes are fitting, even if the scale isn’t moving (much)
  • Working out has become routine. (Hallelujah!)
  • We don’t WANT to eat the crap food. Matt’s most favorite food in the world is/was pizza and it wasn’t uncommon for him to eat the whole thing so to have it not even be a real craving anymore is actually quite monumental.
  • I had a huge sweet tooth before and I think that I can confidently say that my sweet tooth is gone. I don’t crave candy anymore!
  • Food tastes better. We have cut out almost all of the processed crap, and now when eating, food actually tastes better! I can only assume it’s because our taste-buds are being bombarded by huge amounts of sodium and oils all day long that we are actually able to taste what food is supposed to taste like! What an effing concept.
  • We feel full after eating only 600 calories at dinner. This is such a mind-boggling thing for us because we still remember each eating a 1200 calorie frozen pizza (each) and then still being hungry! The difference is now we are choosing lean protein, good fats, and loading up on fresh produce so our body is getting REAL food with REAL nutrients and it takes time for you body to digest that stuff so you are fuller longer. There is a reason a person can put down a McDonald’s value meal and be hungry in an hour even though they just had their whole daily caloric intake in one meal. There is no nutritional value! and I’m sorry but it “slides right through.” Ick.

So even if the scale hardly moved this week we feel we have made HUGE progress over the past 3+ weeks. We have made life altering changes that for once in my life, feel like a new normal. I don’t have any desire to stop doing what we are doing. To give up and go back to the way things were. I’m honestly not even really bothered by the scale because I know it’s just a number and no matter what it says, I want to keep doing what we are doing. The cold truth is, that if we aren’t trying, we have already given up. And that isn’t an option anymore. We are the main role models for our children and it is more important to us that our kids learn how to take care of their bodies, learn what real food is and where it comes from vs. putting that Big Mac in my belly.



  • This week -.4 lbs
  • Total 9.4 lbs


  • This week -.6
  • Total 8.8 lbs

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