Fluffy Friday

Remember this from Wednesday?

Well, I got this one last night.


I have no idea what an “amazing number of calories” actually is but apparently I’ve been busting my ass on a consistent basis and I think that deserves a HELL YEAH! Or if you’re my husband, you bust out in some Alicia Keys “This girl is on fire…”

I love him 🙂

Anyway, so the issue is I’m not losing weight! Matthew keeps saying that he can see my body changing but I’m just confused as to why the scale isn’t moving. I keep going back to perhaps I’m not eating enough. I know that might not make sense so I’ll try explaining my reasons and hopefully someone can tell me if I’m crazy or not.

My daily calorie allowance is about 1680 and because I’m eating mostly lean protein and fresh fruit, veggies, and some whole grains, I was having trouble eating my whole calorie allowance. I’ve started taking 1 1/2 or 2 servings of protein, adding in hummus or flax or even just adding a glass of milk or a string cheese, to help me get all of my calories in. The problem comes when I’m working out. I’m not able to workout until my kids go to bed at night. By that time I have eaten supper and met my calorie allowance, but after I workout I’m somewhere between 400-900 calories under my daily allowance. Now I certainly don’t want to sit down and eat 900 calories right before I go to bed so I just try to have a snack but I still end up being significantly under.

photo (1)

Note the numbers across the bottom. Those are the number of calories I was under for the week…

Now I know could try to compensate for my workout burn throughout the day but I can’t always guarantee that I’ll get my workout in. If Matt is working late and Charlotte wont go to bed it’s not really an option. I don’t want to be sitting there, 500 calories over budget, and nothing I can do about it.

I could get up in the morning before the kids do and just get it done. This is the ideal solution. I just suck getting out of bed early and I have yet to convince myself it’s a good idea. Also, Charlotte is teething and sleeping like crap so I kinda take advantage of any sleep I can get.

I picked up some Muscle Milk at Costco today and I think I’m going to give that a try. That way I’ll have something that I can have after my evening workouts that my body can actually use and it will help with reaching my net calories.

Weight loss is all about trial and error. I haven’t had much luck with what I have been doing these past couple of weeks so I’m tweaking things just a bit to see if that helps. If anyone has any advice, please I’d love to hear it. Am I not eating enough? Am I eating too much? Thoughts?

Our weigh-in


  • This week -.4 lbs (again)
  • Total -9.8 lbs


  • This week -1.6 lbs (YAY!)
  • Total -10.4 lbs

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