Parker rocks out!

This is Parker dancing to Kiss on the DWTS results show. The sound sucks but it was just too funny to not share. He actually had me replay it 3 times.


Such a boy.

While shopping with my Grandma today, I decided to venture into the booby holders to check out the nursing bras as that time is fast approaching. Parker is at the point of begging to be let out of the cart so my of course my Grandmother obliges and takes him out. I turn around to find him rubbing a bra,

and in his most serious voice, “Sooo soft Mommy

Grandma & I just about died laughing in the middle of Target.

Poor kid

So the Hubby is in the middle of changing Parker’s diaper when he and I start to discuss the necessity of the all important butt cream. (It has been explained to me by the Hubby that he is incapable of multi-tasking.) So while having this very important conversation over the said butt cream, Hubby has Parker’s legs in the air but has ceased in the middle of the diaper changing process when all of a sudden Parker starts flailing about and crying.

We of course immediately look to see what the problem is…

he is peeing in his own eye

We being the good parents that we are, bust out laughing uncontrollably while trying to catch the stream.