Hope in one hand, S*** in the other; see which one fills up first…

I was so hoping that this post would be full of motivation and inspiration. I was hoping to be able to give a really exciting (for me anyway) weight loss report. I was hoping to be totally pumped to write this post today. Sadly none of that is true.

I decided after last weeks check-in that I needed to do something different. What I was doing was obviously not working on the weight loss front so I made the decision to actually start logging what I was eating. Measure what I was eating. Keep track of my calories and keep with in a 1300-1400 calorie budget. I did this. Along with some awesome sweat sessions and yet the scale hardly moved.

It was one of the hardest weeks ever. I hate logging food which is way I wasn’t doing it before. I become obsessed with it. It becomes the only thing I think about. I scrutinize everything that I eat and get really frustrated if something doesn’t fit perfectly into my food log.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue logging my food this week. I think I will keep up the measuring though. The one good thing that come out of my experiment is that I know now how much I was overeating. So that is a plus. 

Also it is totally snowing (again) so that means I get to burn some hella calories today while finding my driveway. I may hate to shovel and would seriously rather be mowing the lawn but at least it is a good workout.

This weeks stats:

Weight: 184 lbs

Loss: -.2

Total loss: -36

Weight left in my Biggest Loser Challenge: 19


McFatty vs. The Girl Scout Cookies

So I lost weight… but I’m not going to take any credit for it. I was sick. Again. And again, left with not being able to swallow without pain for days. SUCK. So when I did feel up to eating I was eating whatever the eff I felt like. Did I mention I got my girl scout cookies last week? No? Oh well, they were delicious as always. On a “Hey, Good job for not going waaaay overboard this year” note, I only bought 5 boxes vs. the 15 to 20 I usually get. So that was a vast improvement.  

I finally am starting to feel human again. I can swallow, my house is clean, my car is clean, the laundry got done, and I’m excited to workout. Woot Woot! My muscles are all tight and angry from not being worked for days. Which is awesome, because I know that my hard work was starting to make a difference.

SO, on that note, I’m going to leave you all and get my jiggly butt into my kickboxing gear and get my sweat on!

Happy Valentines day!

As promised:

Weight: 184.2 lbs

Loss: 1 lb

Total loss: 35.8 lbs

lbs. to go in MY Biggest Loser Challenge: 19.2 lbs

McFatty & the pink hand wraps

I know that I haven’t posted anything but my McFatty Monday’s for quite a long time but it’s I just haven’t really had the inspiration to write. I don’t want to force it. It will come.

As for my Mcfatty week… I’m not going to talk about my weight. I haven’t been on a scale since the last weigh in and I’m just too damn scared to do it. It’s bad. I know it. My scale knows it. We have agreed that a few days apart might be best for the both of us. As I don’t want to hear what she has to say (yes, my scale is a girl. Standing there naked if “it” were a “he” is just… creepy, and some how I think I would feel more judged.) and she doesn’t want to be thrown against the wall during my fit of hatred over the fact that I have NO will power when it comes to food. ::sigh::

I did workout this week though. In fact, my workout was so good on Wednesday that I couldn’t move my arms, back, shoulders… any of my upper body, for 3 days. Apparently, I don’t use those muscles very often… Who woulda guessed.

I am super stoked about picking up our very own kickboxing gear today. We had been using my friends when she would come over to train, so we had been limited on the frequency of our sweat sessions. Now I don’t have to bug her all of the time to come out into the icy tundra to come kick my jiggly butt. Now I can just annoy my Husband to get off the couch.

I am still looking for pink hand wraps though… I have looked almost every place in town. (small town, doesn’t take long) I’m guessing I’m going to have to order them online, which sucks because I’m sure I’ll pay more in shipping than I will for the actual wraps. Grrr.

Anyway, I PROMISE I’ll actually weigh in next week. I just couldn’t deal today. How did everyone else do? Anyone have pink hand wraps that they ordered and LOVE? If so, from where? But really, how could you not love pink hand wraps? So cute, and girly!