Homemade Stuff

It’s gotta be cheap and it’s gotta be easy.

I’m all for paying for convince. I totally pay extra so my Culligan Man will not only drop off but put in our softener’s salt. Ya. Lazy. So when it comes to making stuff at home, it’s gotta be worth (the small amount of time) it takes. Or I’m just going to pay for it commercially.

My quest to find out how to make stuff at home came about as I was getting ready to leave my job to be a Stay At Home Mom. Now, it’s not like I made much after daycare but it was an income loss none the less, and that, rightfully so, made me nervous. I knew that we would need to be cutting costs someplace and figured this was a good place to start.

I started with laundry soap because I know a lot of people who make it at home and absolutely love it. So I hit up Google and it all just kept snowballing from there.

My requirements for making it at home are

  1. there needs to be a significant cost savings
  2. it can’t take more than 15 minutes to make.

I currently make (I’ll add the recipes as I make my next batches) 

and I’m always on the hunt for more things that I can make!


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