Fluffy Friday

I’ve been MIA for the past couple of weeks if anyone noticed. Life, I guess. We were doing so great with everything!!! and then life happened… The awful stomach bug that ripped through our house a few weeks ago just knocked us off track entirely. Why is that? It might have been because we were just trying to keep anything down for those couple of days. It took me a bit longer than the rest of my family to feel up to par again but I have an extremely sensitive stomach so that might have had something to do with it.

I’m most disappointed with the fact that we basically stopped working out and journaling altogether and it has been really hard to get back into it. Those things had become second nature for me and one illness seemed to destroy all of those great habits I worked so hard to make. It’s frustrating. I have started journaling several times but never saw the day through. I’m trying to get that drive and determination back that I had at the start of this. I think a big part of my lack of motivation is because I stopped writing about it. The knowing that I’m going to have to write about it to the world at the end of the weeks is a big “DUDE, STICK WITH IT!” nagging voice in my head.

I had an awesome workout yesterday where I ran a 11:57 mile(+ an 8 min walk) and then did another 30 on the elliptical, and I can sure feel it today. Remember when I ran my 1st mile? I hadn’t tried it again since and I think I might have been subconsciously psyching myself out thinking that perhaps it was a fluke and I’d never be able to do it again. (I know I sound crazy, no need to point it out.) So yesterday, I finally got up the nerve and I tried it even though I hadn’t had a really good workout in about 3 weeks, and I was able to do it and it was even my best time ever in my life. It is such an amazing feeling to accomplish something like that. It is something I never thought I would be able to do. I’m a big girl, with big boobs and asthma. Running isn’t something that I look like I was made to do.

Now although we basically “fell off the wagon” we didn’t go running away from it through the woods on an all-out food binge. I would say we were more like walking next to it kicking rocks. We were still caring, but not with enough effort to make the scale do anything good. So with the interest of keeping ourselves accountable after our 3 week hiatus, our stats are:


  • This 3 week: +1.2 lb
  • Total: -11.4 lb


  • This 3 week: +1 lb
  • Total: -11.2 lb

Fluffy Friday

I feel like this is probably the first week since starting all of this that “real life” has kinda hit us, in both good and bad ways. We have had a pretty boring few weeks where there hasn’t been too much going on and we where really able to control our environments and could make workouts a priority.

This past week has been kinda crazy. Between Charlotte’s birthday party on Sunday, her actual birthday on Tuesday, preparations for a bachelorette party tomorrow, a family full of head/chest colds and then (of course) Parker starts vomiting on Wednesday. Charlotte started last night, then it was my turn. 😥

Anyway. Despite everything, we both lost weight! Which is just a good reminder for me that just because I’m zig zagging on my path a bit doesn’t mean I need to fall off and go running through the woods. Did anyone get that? I just meant that even though I couldn’t weigh everything, or get an exact calorie count , or get my sick butt off the couch to workout, doesn’t mean that I could give myself permission to stop trying. I didn’t stop caring and just ate whatever. I tried to enter my calories with a best guess. I know that they were off but I felt it was more important for me keep doing it and for it to be wrong rather than to just skip it and say I’ll start again tomorrow. It’s too easy to give up that way.

I do regret not working out more. I miss the endorphins. I need that awesome mood boost that comes with a good sweat. Although there wasn’t a whole lot of working out, we did start kickboxing again. I had started kickboxing before I got pregnant with Charlotte and I loved it. For those of you that don’t know, Matt used to be a women’s kickboxing instructor, so I basically have my very own trainer. 😉 I kept saying the whole time, “Why has it taken us so long to get back into this?!?!” It is so much fun and it is an incredible workout. If you have never tried it, I suggest you find a gym with a free class to try, like right now.

Like I said before, even with a pretty crazy week we were both able to stick close enough to our plans and do the best we could with following our calorie counts and we both had a weight loss! Yay! Go Team!


  • This week -1.2
  • Total -12.6

(I didn’t hit my goal but I’m okay with that all things considering, Next week!)


  • This week -0.2
  • Total -12.2

Party Pics & a big Thank You!

My kids are so blessed to be loved by so many.

We ended up having a BIG (28 people) little party to celebrate our beautiful baby girl turning one year old. Complete with cupcakes and wine 😉 It was crazy and crowded and wonderful. I’m always in awe by how much my little family is loved by so many people who always seem to go out of their way to be part of our lives. Thank you to everyone who came to share in that big day for our little girl and also to everyone who couldn’t make it but sent their love! And, an extra thank you to everyone who helped me with the party prep, cleanup, and photography! Our friends and family are truly amazing folks and I hope all of you know how thankful we are that you are in our lives!

Momma and Daddy with the birthday girl! (Parker "opted" out :/)

Momma and Daddy with the birthday girl! (Parker “opted” out, 😦 )

Our Birthday Girl

Our Birthday Girl




& I just melt... She is such a Daddy's girl.

& I just melt… She is such a Daddy’s girl.

Tired and a bit overwhelmed

Tired and a bit overwhelmed



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"You might have a little something right there"

“You might have a little something right there”