getting out of auto

Now I sadly have been shooting completely in auto since I got my camera a year and half ago and had just never taken the time to learn how to shoot in manual. It seemed extremely overwhelming and over my head. Then recently, I just became frustrated enough with the fact that I couldn’t get the pictures that I wanted and knew my camera could take. SO, I’ve started learning my camera and learning how to actually use it to its full potential. I found some pretty awesome YouTube tutorials that are really easy to follow and I’ve been watching and practicing like crazy. I’ve come a long way in just a few days on my understanding of my camera but I’ve got a lot of practice ahead of me to actually become good at it.

So when my best friend (of 10 years) and his boyfriend just so happened to be visiting this weekend I decided it was the perfect opportunity to make them get in front of the camera for me. Then for once I wouldn’t have to try and chase down my subject and I might actually get to play with my settings with hopes of getting something in focus. 🙂

These are far from perfect but I love them.

So here is my 1st shoot in manual

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