Fluffy Friday: Sunday’s BS excuse edition

I didn’t bail on this weeks check in. Entirely, that is. I’ve been meaning to write since Friday but other things have just been taking priority. I was really hoping that last week’s post was going to help get me back on track. It didn’t. But the scale finally did on Friday morning.

After gaining, yet again, I started asking myself why in the hell was I doing this to myself AGAIN?? Why was I letting one effing stomach bug knock me off track this far? Why can’t I find that drive and determination that I had when I started this???

My only real answer is a bull shit one. It’s a bull shit excuse.

I don’t feel like it.

I don’t feel like caring about it. I don’t want to weigh my food, it’s easier to just eat it. I don’t want to think about it all. I don’t want to workout when I could be doing _______. I just don’t want to.

Guess what not “feeling like it” gets me? Fat.

The scale needs to be going down. I’m not happy with my body at this size. It’s not healthy. I’m setting a poor example for my kids. There are endless reasons to list as to why I MUST lose this weight. There are no reasons for me to stay here. Only excuses. Being lazy and not wanting too, are awful excuses to stop trying.

So after a nice little chat with myself that consisted of a lot of creative curse words and mental head smacking, I got my ass in gear working out and started tracking everything I ate. Again. I’m at day 3 and still going strong. There have been several moments of, “Oh, do I have too?!?!?!” Which is when my inner skinny bitch trainer starts screaming at me.

I finally feel like I’m back on track after like a month(?!) of wandering somewhere nearby the realm of caring and I’m really hoping that I’ll have a weight loss to share with you on Friday.

As of this morning I was down a total of 11 lbs from the start of this back in… March… I believe… Sure, we’ll go with that. Which puts me up by 0.4 from last week. It’s not a big amount but that is also down about 2 lbs from an earlier weigh-in this week. It’s those little bits that can add up fast if you don’t track your weight. I know that some people can just tell by their clothes if they are gaining weight but I must not have the right kind of clothes or something. I can gain like 15-20 lbs before I would need to go up a size.  (effing stretch jeans & yoga pants)

I’d love to hear some success stories and motivational tips if anyone has any because although I feel more on track than I have in a LONG time, the first couple of weeks are hard!


Fluffy Friday

I feel like this is probably the first week since starting all of this that “real life” has kinda hit us, in both good and bad ways. We have had a pretty boring few weeks where there hasn’t been too much going on and we where really able to control our environments and could make workouts a priority.

This past week has been kinda crazy. Between Charlotte’s birthday party on Sunday, her actual birthday on Tuesday, preparations for a bachelorette party tomorrow, a family full of head/chest colds and then (of course) Parker starts vomiting on Wednesday. Charlotte started last night, then it was my turn. 😥

Anyway. Despite everything, we both lost weight! Which is just a good reminder for me that just because I’m zig zagging on my path a bit doesn’t mean I need to fall off and go running through the woods. Did anyone get that? I just meant that even though I couldn’t weigh everything, or get an exact calorie count , or get my sick butt off the couch to workout, doesn’t mean that I could give myself permission to stop trying. I didn’t stop caring and just ate whatever. I tried to enter my calories with a best guess. I know that they were off but I felt it was more important for me keep doing it and for it to be wrong rather than to just skip it and say I’ll start again tomorrow. It’s too easy to give up that way.

I do regret not working out more. I miss the endorphins. I need that awesome mood boost that comes with a good sweat. Although there wasn’t a whole lot of working out, we did start kickboxing again. I had started kickboxing before I got pregnant with Charlotte and I loved it. For those of you that don’t know, Matt used to be a women’s kickboxing instructor, so I basically have my very own trainer. 😉 I kept saying the whole time, “Why has it taken us so long to get back into this?!?!” It is so much fun and it is an incredible workout. If you have never tried it, I suggest you find a gym with a free class to try, like right now.

Like I said before, even with a pretty crazy week we were both able to stick close enough to our plans and do the best we could with following our calorie counts and we both had a weight loss! Yay! Go Team!


  • This week -1.2
  • Total -12.6

(I didn’t hit my goal but I’m okay with that all things considering, Next week!)


  • This week -0.2
  • Total -12.2

High Five!

I just ran a mile.

And I didn’t die.

Now some of you might be all “Pshhh, Thats nothing! I run 3 on a light day!”

I know you people exist, but I’m not part of that club, yet. For me, running an entire mile is was an incredibly scary thought! I never managed to complete c25k because the 6 minute run was too intimidating. I have never in my life run for that length of time or distance. Even in school when we were forced to do “The Mile” for state testing I didn’t run the whole thing.

For the past couple of years I have been talking about wanting to become a runner. I know that I’ve said it a lot on here too, but this is the first time I feel like that is a realistic, attainable goal. I finally feel like can be a runner. I’m going to be a runner. I am a runner.


I just wanted to share that little bit on this lovely, cold (15 degrees!) Saturday morning. 😀